Taxonomy Pillars

A taxonomy is a framework for organizing data, information, and knowledge so that it can be found and used. Taxonomy pillars are the key processes and methods that support taxonomy development, management, and use. 

In over 20 years leading a wide variety of information management projects, Taxonomy Strategies has developed many best practices. All of them originated in our project work. We saw the same situations come up in projects again and again, so we formalized and documented our processes and methods.

While you can find nuggets of information in our presentation slide decks, narrations, and videos in our Archive, our Taxonomy Pillars are short white papers written in plain language that business leaders can understand. They pull together best practices in one place and focus on particular themes like taxonomy validation and taxonomy governance.

Feel free to use these materials to explain what taxonomy is, why it’s important, and how you can use taxonomies to make money, save money, and stay out of jail (comply with relevant rules and regulations). Please cite us as the source and let us know if you have any questions or want additional information.

Taxonomy Pillars:

Taxonomy Goverance

Best Practices

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Improving Information Management

with Terminology and Categorization Standards

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Taxonomy Tools

Requirements & Capabilities

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