“Organizing data to inform mission judgments by providing associated content helps us examine problems in order to mitigate risk and become a proactive, learning enterprise. This allows each mission to build on the missions that have come before. This is the foundation architecture for a true NASA knowledge base”

Jayne Dutra, Enterprise Information Architect, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

One of Taxonomy Strategies’ core values is to teach our clients methodologies so they can apply them to solving new problems. The first step in solving any problem is to learn how others have addressed it in the past. Are there relevant best practices? Are there lessons learned? Are there pre-existing solutions? We believe that the most effective approach is to build on previous work. One of our core principles is only to start from scratch when absolutely necessary.

This section of the Taxonomy Strategies website provides some basic definitions of terms, as well as a bibliography of readings in taxonomy, metadata, and other subjects around managing and finding information. An archive that provides provides links to past Taxonomy Strategies workshops, talks and conference presentations is also part of this section of the website.


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