CFP for NKOS Special Issue of TEL

The call for participation (CFP) for the Recent NKOS Research Special Issue of TEL (The Electronic Library) has been posted at The deadline is May 1, 2023, but submissions may be made from January-May at On the submission page, please select “Recent Knowledge Organization Systems/Services/Structures (NKOS) Research” as the issue you are submitting to.

NKOS 2022 Workshop Announcement

The 2022 NKOS Workshop will be held as part of the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications on October 6-7 from 9-1 PDT at the University of Washington in Seattle. Participation can be in person or virtual. Registration will be free. The NKOS Workshop is seeking submissions for presentations and demonstrations related to Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) themes and topics listed in the Call for Participation (CFP). The submission deadline is Friday, June 17, 2022.

Knowledge Organization Special Issue: Best Papers from NKOS Consolidated Workshop 2020

Joseph Busch is co-guest editor with Joseph Tennis of Special Issue of Knowledge Organization: Best Papers from NKOS Consolidated Workshop 2020 Part 1 48:3 Knowledge Organization (2021) and Part 2 48:4 Knowledge Organization (2021).