Busch’s golden law of facets: “Four facets of 10 nodes
each have the same discriminatory power as one taxonomy of 10,000 nodes.”


Taxonomy Strategies guides global companies, government agencies, international organizations and not-for-profits such as Nike, Oracle, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the International Monetary Fund and Harvard Business Publishing in developing metadata frameworks and taxonomy strategies. We provide a very high level of expertise to our clients.

Joseph Busch

Joseph A. Busch
Founder and Principal

Joseph A. Busch is the founder of Taxonomy Strategies and the principal consultant. Before founding Taxonomy Strategies, Joseph Busch held strategic positions at Interwoven, Metacode Technologies, the Getty Information Institute and PriceWaterhouse. He is a Past President of the Associaton for Information Science and Technology (www.asis.org), and past member of the Board of Directors of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (dublincore.org).
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Taxonomy Strategies associates include: Laurinda Alcorn, Vivian BlissIan Galloway, Susan Golden, Marti Heyman, Branka Kosovac, Erik Lee, Maureen McClarnon, and Jan Sykes.

When staffing resources are needed, Taxonomy Strategies has relationships with many service and technology providers.

[image above:
Topology map of a computer network created by a tool called Mercator developed as part of the Scan Project, by Ramesh Govindan, Anoop Reddy and colleagues, courtesy of Information Sciences Institute, USC]

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